Circ-Ring international
The advantages of a circumcised penis are sufficiently well known.
For example, the act of love lasts longer, with more intensive satisfaction for both partners; genital hygiene is easier; and the appearance of the penis is improved. We should not omit to mention the various diseases, which an uncircumcised penis can contract more easily than a circumcised one. For example, bacterial infections (including those in the partner's vagina) are clearly reduced. Women and men who understand the difference prefer the circumcised penis.
The patented Circ-Ring™, when correctly used, has these important advantages over other techniques.
  • Safe application
  • Sterile one-time use
  • No injection in the penis
  • No stitches which are difficult to remove
  • Painless application
  • No surgical mistakes
  • Various different styles of circumcision are possible
  • Stitches and surgical incisions are unnecessary
  • No pain while in use (with EMLA cream)
  • Application need not restrict your activities
  • Healing mostly complete within 14 to 21 days
  • Even and regular connection between inner and outer foreskin
  • No haemorrhage from the wound, so less risk of infection
Please take a shower before using the Circ-Ring™, and shave your pubic hair for hygienic reasons. Then disinfect your hands and foreskin. To avoid temporary sensitivity to pain, the foreskin should be treated with a local anaesthetic.